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Full Figure Fashion Swimwear

With all of the innovations (in textiles especially) why is that Swimwear Designers don’t create for the full-figured or even average-figured woman? If the average American woman is a size 10-14, why isn’t there a greater variety of swimsuits to cater to a demographic that isn’t ultra-thin? Enter Charmline, the pioneer in shaping swimwear for full figure women.

Many women feel insecure on the beach, and are frustrated by what seems like a black and blue dominated one-piece market. Whether you’re hoping to boost your bust, or hide your hips, the options seem slim. And if you’re not interested in the bare-all styles that seem popular, swimsuit shopping is a very real form of torture.

For those trying to disguise or enhance those trouble spots, Charmline’s full figure swimwear is your miracle answer! Charmline guarantees a perfect fit with exclusive materials to help you enjoy the summer beach season. Charmline’s swimwear promises to shape and slim your body’s silhouette up to one size smaller.

With a new ultra-matt material called Microforming has an amazing ability to shrink and shape your natural curves. The matt finish enhances the slimming effect so that extra inches visually disappear. Charmline offers 3 levels of shaping: light, medium and strong. Charmline swimsuits offer the best value for your money as they’re able to withstand the effects of chlorine and salt-water longer than cheaper-priced swimsuits.

Another unique feature of Charmline is that these designer swimsuits are sized by bra cup size. Charmline is known for its supportive features keeping “the girls” precisely where you want them without excessive smashing or binding. The supple foam cups offer some of the best support on the market, and help shape for a perfect silhouette.

In addition to the high-lycra count fabric, Charmline’s ingenious use of prints, seams, and embellishments create a comforting illusion. For those dreaming of the perfect body, the next best thing to having the perfect body is a swimsuit that disguises your trouble spots. Carefully chosen prints incorporating a mix of large and all-over patterns with black edging provide colorful slimming options in a ho-hum solid colors only market. In addition to flattering pattern choices, Charmline’s crafty use of ruching, twist effects, and embellishments minimize and accentuate curves in all the right places. The raised seams work to elongate the torso, and clever cuts visually create the look of a higher, slimmer waist. All this attention to details works together to create swimsuit you’ll want to strut in.

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